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Acorn Closing Services LLC is a full service title insurance agency whose employees utilize old-fashioned work ethics and values combined with progressive thinking to offer the highest level of customer service.  Acorn is a Title Insurance agency that searches and abstracts title in all 67 counties within the  Commonwealth of  Pennsylvania as well as the State of New Jersey.  Acorn  is  managed by an  in-house attorney who has a qualified background in real estate closings, bankruptcy, zoning and mortgage foreclosures.

Acorn is driven to stay on the leading edge by incorporating modern technological innovations  with  excellent performance to maintain long-term relationships with our clients.  Acorn’s success is based on the knowledge,  experience, and integrity of our  employees, as well as the assembly of exceptional products in a quick,  efficient, and economical  manner. Our goal is to help clients engineer their performance, mitigate risks, curb expenses, and improve their profitability.  Most importantly, it is Acorn’s mission to fulfill all unique and individual needs of our clients with the utmost courtesy and respect while providing quality customer service.

Customer Service is Acorn’s number one priority for the many services that we provide. Our company policy and procedures are specifically aimed to ensure that every file closed through our office is handled with the highest standards of care and precision!